Kelch der Wahrheit | Goblet of the Truth
FIGU-Interest-Group for Knowledge-of-the-Mission Carolina

Chapter 2Abschnitt 2
334) Do not commit a serious misdemeanour against the truth by not accepting it and banishing it, and by persecuting those who are knowing of the truth, because banishment and persecution are equally as bad as manslaughter 335) Heed the words of the truth that truth-deniers are those who are without equitableness (unfair ones/irresponsible ones/inequitable ones) and who are without knowledge of the truth and those who cloak themselves in priestly robes in accordance with their belief in a god or tin gods and continue to fight against and revile the ones amongst the people who are versed in the truth as well as the true prophets; and if it is not possible for them to prevail over the equitable ones (fair ones) then they take recourse to slander (calumny) or they slaughter them or have them killed (murdered) in a dastardly fashion. 334) Begeht nicht ein schweres Vergehen gegen die Wahrheit, indem ihr sie nicht anerkennt und vertreibt und indem ihr die Wahrheitswissenden verfolgt, denn Vertreibung und Verfolgung ist gleichermassen schwer wie Totschlag.