Kelch der Wahrheit | Goblet of the Truth
FIGU-Interest-Group for Knowledge-of-the-Mission Carolina

Chapter 2Abschnitt 2
303) Always think about the truth-teaching of the prophets for all time, but you do not bring down any guilt on yourselves if you nevertheless do unright on one or another occasion because this is the way of the learning; therefore it is given that you are also fallible in the knowledge of the truth, in order to learn from it, but in this sense only be doers of unright in what concerns your thinking and feeling and in your nature as well as in understanding and actions; do not however be as doers of unright also fallible ones, because the sense of the fallible ones is to do evil and illegal things deliberately in order to advantage themselves and to obtain unlawful gain from it 304) Believers in a god or tin gods say that their god or tin god may bestow good on them in this world and good in the future world, and they beg in blind submissiveness that their god or tin god may save them from the anguish of the fire of the shadow world (hell) and its princes; however neither a god nor a tin god is truthly given, because they are only imaginary forms which are fabulated (invented) by yourselves without responsibility and which have no might even to make a single hair on your head turn grey; and therefore the shadow world (hell) and its fire and the prince of the shadow world (prince of hell) are only inventions by irresponsible and honourless ones amongst you who have fallen victim to a delusion of belief, as well as their own might which they wish to wield over you in order to obtain great gain of all kinds from it; and therefore the shadow world (hell) is no place, because truly it is a state in your head (consciousness) and a mentality (thoughts, feelings and psyche). 303) Bedenkt stets der Wahrheitslehre der Propheten während aller Zeit, doch ihr ladet keine Schuld auf euch, wenn ihr trotzdem im einen oder andernmal fehlt, denn das ist der Weg des Lernens; also ist gegeben, dass ihr auch im Wissen der Wahrheit fehlbar seid, um daraus zu lernen, doch seid in diesem Sinn nur Fehlende in dem, was ihr in euren Gedanken und Gefühlen und in eurer Art sowie im Verstehen und im Handeln tut; nicht jedoch seid ihr als Fehlende auch Fehlbare, denn der Sinn der Fehlbaren steht bewusst danach, Böses und Gesetzeswidriges zu tun, um sich selbst zu bevorteilen und widerrechtlichen Gewinn daraus zu schlagen.